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Sarah Jane Crawford

IT Project Manager

“I like working in such an innovative and interesting company. It’s also enjoyable to work in a department with a significantly higher percentage of women than a typical IT industry. It shows Network Rail is forward thinking and considers the people that work for the organisation and the environment they work in.”

Krishma Mistry

Business Analyst

“The one thing I’d say to young women thinking about a career in IT is that it’s not just about coding, there’s a great deal more to it – much of which doesn’t necessarily require any technical background.”

Danielle Ball

Runner Up / aged 17

“The thing that surprised me the most was the variety of roles available… It was a unique opportunity to see parts of the railways that you don’t typically get to see ... my favourite part was seeing the biggest crane currently being used in the country whilst on our visit around Manchester Victoria.”

Zoe Moore

Winner / aged 17

“One of the most surprising things we got to see was all the records at the National Records Group in York. Some of which were created in 1509, and one particularly special document contains Florence Nightingale’s signature from a land deed. Where else do you get to see that!”

Hannah Blair

Runner Up / aged 18

“The highlight of my week was the visit to Wembley Signalling Centre. To see live trains being run from Euston to Watford Junction was amazing. It was interesting to see the different types of technologies working together. It really helped to open my eyes to what a complex operation Network Rail undertakes daily”

Sarah Jones

Runner Up / aged 18

“My favourite part of the work experience was the shadowing Group Business Services employees and projects. It gave me a taste of what it was like working in an IT department, and taught me transferable workplace skills.”

Katherine Thomas

IT Project Manager

"IT is so integral to our everyday lives and to all other industries. It’s an area that just keeps on getting bigger – which is an exciting thing to be part of. Technology and computers have changed so dramatically in the last 40 years – I can’t wait to see what the next 40 will bring.”

Emma Bould

IT Project Manager

“I want to help young women build the confidence to pursue any career they wish, including the technology sector, I incorrectly had a stereotype of the industry in mind before I joined – one which could dissuade talented young women from wanting to apply for jobs”

Ruth Stevens

IT Project Manager

“I manage IT project of various sizes and descriptions within Network Rail. The projects cover huge areas such as signalling design, payroll and finance systems. Generally, this means I plan and organise what needs to be done and then manage the people and activities required for the project.”